Brian Shurton Kiteboarding JamaicaI was born and raised in Falmouth, Jamaica and have had an affinity for extreme water Sports since childhood. In my early 20’s I relocated to the United States and had the opportunity to discover and develop my passion for instruction and competition.
My passion, experience, and love for the sport are just some of the traits that makes me unique. My insight in instruction has helped me to create innovative teaching aids. I’m both an instructor and an accomplished rider and competitor. The feeling I get when a student succeeds keeps me coming back to teaching year after year and I enjoy sharing my passion for watersports with everyone I meet.  I love the focus of training, and the thrill of competition, whether it’s windsurfing, beach volleyball, soccer, table tennis, or cricket.

I am a business owner, a watersports instruction innovator, a world class competitive windsurfer, and an accomplished kitesurfer.

I have owned and operated Brian’s Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Hood River, Oregon since 1999. I have created simulators for windsurfing and kitesurfing to help my students meet their goals as fast as possible.

As a “Native Son” of Jamaica my desire is to return to this special place where I’ve spent a lifetime exploring the waters and terrain. My background and knowledge of the area has enabled me to identify potential watersports locations and business opportunities.

Jamaica is not viewed as a watersports destination and I have a vision to change that. Jamaica has similar and sometimes superior wind and water conditions as Dominican Republic Bonair Barbados Aruba and Brazil. Jamaica’s proximity to the US and Canada makes it more ideal  for the beginner or intermediate rider Conditions are challenging enough for the advanced windsurfer or kitesurfer. Jamaica is known for its rich history and white sand beaches. It has so much to offer to the world. I would like to bring international recognition and business to this island. For the first time, Jamaica would have a watersports centre that’s world renowned.

I have the talent, determination and experience to bring this together and the resources and guidance that the Branson Centre can provide will help make this venture a success.